Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered all of our responses to our most frequently asked questions here. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to send your question to Connect@InCreative.Co

General Questions About In Creative Company

Why are you a company of "mostly women"?
Our female Co-founders have worked as creatives in male-dominated industries, plumbing, engineering, and real estate. Without the inspiration of other women around, they were not able to be their most creative selves. Yelle & Andrea set out on a mission to work in creative company with many other women and non-binary professionals who also thrived with the support of their tribe.
Do you have employees?
Nope, In Creative Co has 0 employees, unlike the typical creative agency model! Our members enjoy their own company, together. When we work together, we are all contractors and sub-contractors.
What's on In Creative Co's road map?
Sharing our art! Creatives will have the opportunity to show & sell their work on our future marketplace. This platform will encourage members of In Creatuve Co to co-brand products & art. Respectfully, artists will earn most of the sales. A small portion will be split between marketing and admin compensation.

Sharing with the greater community! We will participate in outreach programs dedicated to the advancement of girls and non-binary youth in the wider community. Together, we will provide professional development & mentorship with a focus on inspiring creativity.

Offering coaching services! This will be a one-stop-shop to find a coach who works with mostly creatives and focused on unlocking creativity. Ideas are marinating to start In Creative Coaching.
What do you mean by "pronouns"?
In our Sign Up form, we ask you to identify your pronouns. Learn why we ask this here:

General Questions for Clients

Are creative services actually important?
Investing in creative services is 100% important because 65% of people are visual learners and people are 85% more likely to buy your product after watching a video about it for example and posts with images produce 180% more engagement!

Click here to see this in graphic form. Design is a crucial element of branding and it’s not just for aesthetics.
Are your clients mostly women?
All of our clients are respectful of women :) The companies we work with are not exclusively women-owned and operated.
Why should I hire In Creative Company?
Our revolutionary internal structure values collaboration over competition which allows us to be our most creative selves. We are set up for success with camaraderie, workshops, and tools to stay constantly inspired and dialed into the latest trends.

We have provided creative services for personal brands to global corporations including TEDx, RXR Realty, Douglas Elliman, Dandy, and CHROM Toothpolish. Explore our Creative Portfolio here and our Creative Services here.

Fill out the form above so you can meet a Project Lead and find out more reasons why you should hire us!
Should I hire a freelancer instead?
Of course you could, but you should hire our team of collaborative (yet super independent) creatives instead! One freelancer’s idea is good, maybe even great. Yes, and … when a creative director puts the many ideas of a team of freelancers together for you, now you’ve got a grand idea that’s brilliant!

We are set up to ease co-creation because one Core leader is your single point of contact so it will feel like you just hired one freelancer with many brilliant ideas. Our Core leaders are this rare mix of business and creative brains that you don’t typically get hiring one freelancer. Your project will be elevated with the Core leader as the creative director and project manager.

And if you’re thinking about Upwork or Fiver, now think again, rather than having to do your project over again with us. Companies have come to us after trying out these platforms and getting cheap but subpar results. The experience is transactional whereas ours is bespoke. Also, Fiverr and Upwork take 10-20% of the purchase amount on every order from freelancers whereas we pay our team in full.
How do you differ from a creative agency?
Our prices differ. Creative agencies have to charge clients more than us because agencies have overhead to support their staff and sometimes office rent. We can keep our project costs lower because we all work remotely and our Collaborators are all Independent Contractors. Our model is more cost-effective for you.

Our scalability differs. When we build a custom team for your project, we have a collective of specialists (our members) at our fingertips to choose from so we can offer all creative services found here. Agencies handpick their staff for each project but are confined to their staff member’s specialties. If your scope is out of an agency’s reach, you may end up having to source and hire more than one creative agency.

Our work-life balance differs. We are a happier bunch because “The Co” sits comfortably in between a company and community so we do not need to be focused on work all the time. We  encourage our members to chat with the supportive community that’s creatively flowing to get back into their rhythm through the inspiring exercises, workshops, and discussions within “The Co.”            
How much does your typical project cost?
For new clients, our minimum is $10,000 per project. Our typical project is 2x that.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. “The Co” requires 50% of its fees before work begins and the remaining balance within thirty days of the delivery date.
We understand that creative services are an investment and it’s totally cool if this isn’t the time for you to make this investment.
Could I start small and grow with you?
We will absolutely start with your seed and grow with you! Some of the ideas we have planted have grown to globally recognized brands and independent film sensations so we are more than happy to start small as long as you have a minimum of $10,000 to spend.

With a community of support, the teams we assemble can be as robust as a creative agency or as personal as a freelancer, depending on your needs. Our teams provide project-by-project or ongoing support.

General Questions for Creatives

I'm a freelancer. Is this for me?
Absolutely! You'll feel freer when you can work collaboratively with other creatives. You'll benefit from educational events and feeling connected to a community so you don't feel so alone over there. We're all coping with the divide between isolation and togetherness. You'll have access to more paid opportunities, accountabilibuddies, and so much more.

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Can business owners join?
Yes, if you’re a solopreneur! You'll have easy access to an extra set of hands for those projects that get too hefty for just you. You can also network with other business owners who can offer advice.

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How does membership work?
You’ll find the answer to this on our page to join us at
Does membership guarantee I get offered paid work?
We cannot guarantee this. In order for our Project Leads to get to know you, it's up to you to be an active participant in the collective. Attend events, interact on Slack, and schedule 1:1 meetings to increase the possibility of you getting contracted. You’ll get chosen based on the project’s style, budget, and your availability.
Can you make me more creative?
We can sure try! Everyone has creativity in them, it's just a matter of unlocking it, which we do through events, workshops, chit chats, and more. We believe that when you nourish your inner child, your inner artist can come out to play with others.

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