Our Services

Research, Strategy, & Positioning

To assess your brand and set the right goals, we will define the market environment that you are operating in. Based on our research, we can plan where your brand can go and focus on how this strategy can highlight your ESG angle.

Site Visits
Brand Book

Identity & Implementation

We will transform our research and strategy into your brand’s new identity. After establishing your brand's foundation, we can apply it through design for consistency across all platforms. The goal of this implementation is to update to the new identity on your existing platforms only.

Graphic Design
Photo & Video
Web Editing

Content Strategy & Marketing Mix

Your brand will be collecting dust if you just let it sit there. We'll brush that dust off and sprinkle some marketing magic onto your brand instead. Our creative experts will help you spread your wings, get more eyeballs on you, and convert engagement to sales through ongoing brand management. In turn, we get to amplify the climate conversation with you!

Content Strategy
Content Creation
Post Processing
Content Management

How We Work


Fill out our Inquiry Form to let us know your current needs and goals.


Meet with your Project Lead for an Introductory Call.


Move your project forward with a 45-minute Strategy Session.

Who do we service?

We work with companies that have green-building certifications and advisors who helped them achieve these.

Companies that work with us: Architecture Firms • Engineering Firms • Interior Design Studios • Real Estate Developers • Sustainability Advisors • Urban Design Firms

We help you grow louder!

Our work connects you to your audiences. Our services are rooted in a research-driven identity that helps you grow through strategy and brand management. Sustainability and marketing departments rely on In Creative Co to tell the world about their ESG+R communications, carbon strategies, green building awards, and more.

"In Creative Co applies a solid business understanding to their work and the client’s objectives, resulting in process efficiency, long-term appeal of the deliverables, and flexibility within the deliverables to gain synergies and visual reconciliations to the master brand."

—Whitney, RXR EVP of Marketing

“So many logo designers just slap a pretty sticker on a project and call it a day. The experienced brand strategists who work in creative company know that a brand has way more to express than this.”  

—Shay, In Creative Co Member

"Your website is the employee that never takes a day off and works 24/7. If you're wondering if a well done website is worth the investment, it absolutely is."

—Drea DeMarchi, InCreativeCo Co-Founder

What we’ve created together,
has brought us and our clients so much joy. As we grow with them, our clients become some of the most unique brands and individuals in the world. Our portfolio shows off our carefully designed brands, strategic marketing efforts, fun web developments, and more.

Made by our talented creators,
who usually work alone as independent contractors, but value the camaraderie they get In Creative Co. These members work remotely to bring their individual expertise to support the Project Leads when called onto their team to Co-work. On the Member Directory, get to know some of our strategists, designers, writers, and more.