Modern Wife 'What She Said' 2023

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In Creative Company joined Modern Day Wife’s 2023 ‘What She Said’ event at the W in Times Square on February 16, 2023, where Andrea DeMarchi, the co-founder of In Creative Company, was a moderator. This event was created to empower women by discussing topics such as beauty, business, and fashion while teaching others about the opportunities available for them. We are happy to say that a few hundred people attended this wonderful event! 

We are grateful to Hey Mama, Moon D’elle, Vodana, Bao Laboratory, Now Zen Bodyworks, Elate, Visiah Eyewear, Madison/Savile, Life Styled by Suzan, Nellie’s, and Jaskirt Mandahar Silks for sponsoring this event to make this possible.

Before the panelists sat down and spoke, we had a VIP Pre-Party, Beauty & Wellness Activations, and Beautiful & Over-the-Top Photo Opps to engage our invitees. Then we had a Pop Up Shopping & Networking session.

The power panelists spoke to Andrea DeMarchi, the moderator, about their experience in the work field to inspire others through their stories. The panelists consisted of: KENDRIA GODAIR Owner of Dria Dair; LIFE STYLED BY SUSAN CEO/Founder of Life, Styled By Susan; KIM O President & Lead Designer of Le’ Antoinette; JENNIFER KOCH Personal Stylist, Stylegasm; DIANA NGUYEN Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Madison Savile; and ASBASIA MIKHAIL Founder of The Stīl Trust.

The panelists are people who broke the mold, are pushing the limits, and inspiring others along the way by sharing their exposure in the fields they are in. 

In the event, we had personal conversations about what is expected in 2023 about brands, beauty, career, and fashion. This helped the attendees to gain new tips on how to up their game professionally and personally and how to balance everything in womanhood. Attendees were also able to network with other inspiring women which allowed them to uplift everyone else in the community. 

After the panelists spoke, we had a fashion show to enliven the environment and allow everyone to have some fun and had a photo shoot with our attendees and panelists. 

We had so much fun in this event with the attendees and hearing from the panelists about their stories and experiences on life, which inspired us to learn a few tips from them and incorporate it into our own life and business. We greatly appreciate everyone who attended and we hope to see you again soon! 

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