Pride Stories & Resources for LGBTQ+ Founders and Apprentices

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Yelle Belle, co-founder of In Creative Company and a founder on FLIK, shared her story:

“I used to feel like an outsider who always had to censor myself when I worked for years in the cis white male-dominated industry of real estate.


Now, I am a vibrant queer founder of a creative agency that operates internally as a community of 125 members who we hire on a project-by-project basis for projects that require our creative services. It's a new work model that's revolutionizing the way creatives work, together through collaboration.

My openness has naturally attracted the LGBTQ+ community to sign up as members because they feel like they are safe to work in community with other accepting individuals. Together we have found that our most authentic selves offer us the greatest opportunity to be our most creative selves.

I'd love to call attention to one of our featured projects We generated visibility for Gender-nonconforming, Nonbinary and Transgender lives by naming GenVisibility, branding it, and developing the website and social graphics. GenVisibility provides a platform where people can both share their stories and witness others' experiences and realities by crowdsourcing interviews.”

~ Yelle Belle, FLIK founder and Co-Founder of In Creative Company


Yelle is a queer professional weirdo who has become a magnet for creativity. Through her vibrant style, positive perspective, and professional past, she has attracted both a creative community and businesses who need their services. Inspired by her uncomfortable experiences marketing through the isolated freelance hustle and the conservative corporate culture, at the start of the pandemic, Yelle paused to create a balance. She put her creative ambition and her magnetic spirit to work and Co-founded @In.Creative.Company, a comfortable way to connect with creatives and their services. They designed a new model to fill the gap between freelancer, creative agency, and client by operating as a collaborative community of mostly women and non-binary creatives. Alongside their 25 clients and 125 members, they are truly revolutionizing the way creatives work, together.