Starting a Creative Agency With Drea DeMarchi

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In this episode, I speak with Drea DeMarchi, the co-founder of In Creative Company. We talk about how she started an agency, created a community, her hiring process, project management, and much more!

Drea is an idea machine that follows through with passion and action from start to finish. Her expertise is leading projects involving brand strategy, web design, copywriting, social marketing, and event promotion. Leading multi-faceted projects is where her genius is, she has been told that I make the impossible look relatively easy.

She has branded networking communities, podcasts, restaurants, coaches, legal professionals, and many more. Every business she works with is on a mission to be the best and stand out in their industry.

Action Steps:

1. Create a list of affirmations that will keep you inspired

2. Create your inner circle of support

3. Get ready to put in work to succeed

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