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Join our Slack Workspace

Get connected to your community of creatives
1. Download Slack
Visit to get the mobile & desktop apps
2. Join the InCreativeCo Workspace
Visit to access our little slice of the internet
3. Set up your profile
Add a profile photo and your creative expertise so we can get to know you better!
4. Customize!
Add Your Website to Your Slack Profile
Slack hack!
  • In the top right, click the profile icon
  • Set your status to your site
  • Choose your favorite icon
  • Change “Clear after” to “Don’t clear”
Change Your Theme to Match "The Co"
  • Click on InCreative.Co in the top left or the hamburger menu icon to adjust your preferences
  • Change “Themes” to the In Creative Co brand colors #DEDEF0,#350d36,#9EA2D1,#000000,#CAFFBF,#2BAC76,#ED2024
  • In “Messages & media” change one-click emojis 💓 to be signature you!

Create Your Directory Listing

Help other creatives and clients get to know you more
1. Join Our Directory
Fill out the Directory Listing form as fully as you can. Please give our VA a day or two to get the information up there. We will notify you when it's ready!
2. Edit Your Listing
If you wish to edit your listing at any time, you can use the Edit Listing form.

Connect with Us on Social Media

Stay in the know with "The Co"

Follow us to stay up-to-date with events and news!
Then engage with 💓love, 👍likes, 📕saves, ✈️shares, 📝comments, or just say 👋heyyy!

If you are super active on Instagram, we love extra organic engagement from co-workers, and are willing to both share your content and engage with each other!

To get the most out of it, please click here to join our Instagram DM pod!


Register for Events

Get in the flow with your co-workers in real time

Network, learn, and be inspired!

1. Register to Attend Our Next Event
Go to InCreative.Co/Events to see our schedule
Click REGISTER NOW for each event that you love!
2. Add Our Calendar
Keep track of events & plan ahead
Click here to get access to our Google Calendar
3. Invite Others
Share the link with friends, colleagues, coworkers, or clients
4. Watch Past Seminars
Check out our Youtube playlist: In Creative Company Educational Events.

Meet the Members-Only Page

Your go-to space for managing your membership

The Members-Only Page is your one-stop-shop for editing and managing your membership!

Click here to access your Members-Only space

On this page, you can:
1. Register for events only offered to members of “The Co”
2. Access past webinars to get inspired by speakers of the past
3. Edit membership & adjust email address, payment method, upgrade or cancel
4. Edit directory listing and adjust form, add or remove fields and links, change images.

By sharing in creative company,
we inspire each other.

A virtual embrace

We digitally welcome you with open arms. We’re a collective born out of a global pandemic & a diversity revolution. Like you, we’ve had to cope with the divide between isolation & togetherness. Good thing we’ve found each other here!

When we collaborate, we are always in creative company.