We generated visibility for Gender-nonconforming
Nonbinary and Transgender lives

Graphic Design
Website Design
In Creative Company named GenVisibility, branded it, developed the website, and started the graphic-heavy Instagram.

GenVisibility brings visibility to Gender-nonconforming, Nonbinary and/or Transgender lives by providing a platform where people can both share their stories and witness others' experiences and realities. By amplifying stories, GenVisibility aims to break free from isolation, lift fears, and remove self-loathing while sharing our humanity and strengthening our community.

Note, things may be different than how we left it.

The Co-work was lead by Ozi Hidalgo (Creative Director • NYC), executed by Isa Crosta (Graphic Designer • Argentina), and nambed by Yelle Belle (Creative Director • NYC)

Proud Collaboration

Along with a group of visibility advocate volunteers, 3 gender nonconforming and/or queer members of In Creative Company launched this important platform on March 31 which was International Transgender Day of Visibility. We are proud to be the creative geniuses behind the platform's name "GenVisibility," the branding and graphic language, creative strategy, web development, and initial social media management.

Ozi (they/she) interviewed by Yelle (she/elle)

Brand Identity

In order to make these voices more visible, we used loud neon colors. The two i’s flip the idea of the gender binary man and woman on their heads to create GenVisibility’s own graphic language.






We designed and developed GenVisibility’s website to generously allow people to record their own interviews. You can head on over to the “Watch Interviews” page to hear conversations about advocacy, activism, varied pronouns, surgery, athletics, work-life, and more.

Social Marketing

We designed the first set of educational graphics to market GenVisibility’s new website on Instagram.

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