We grounded this permaculture course
through solid line work for its brand identity.

Graphic Design
In Creative Company designed the logo, its variations, and a brand system for Groundwork, a new company with a successful Forbes 30 Under 30 founder.

Groundwork offers courses to teach as many people as possible how to grow their own food, live ecologically-oriented lives, and create local circular economies. Founder Kenzie Barth offers courses online to anyone with a backyard. She also offers permaculture gardening intensive on the land she resides on in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

The Co-work was lead by Yelle Belle (Creative Director, NYC) and executed by Margo Craige (Graphic Designer • TX)


Most permaculture companies use the color green, they have a leaf in them, and they’re too intricate. Groundwork wanted to stand out with simple shapes and a palette that embodied more of nature. They loved the radiating lines of water ripples, turkeytail mushrooms, and topography maps. These radiating lines represent the one person they teach who then goes out and teaches those around them how to care to their land.

Brand Identity

We created a ripple effect. In order to tap into the founders mind, we took a different approach to strategy. To start the project, our brand designer Margo led the founder through a meditation to visualize her logo design. When we fascilitated a sketching session with the rest of their team wherewe all agreed to move forward with the radiating and spiraling.

Based on the look and feel of the dynamic logo set, we built out the company's 5-page brand guideline, which provided clear-cut rules for how the logo, colors, fonts, patterns, and its applications are represented to the audience through consistency.





Social Templates

Patterned & positioned for prosperity. When designing this brand identity, we were aware that the Groundwork team wanted to create their ownsocial marketing graphics. 􀈃erefore, we set them up with 10 templates on Canva so they could plug-and-play-and-post.

Client's Applications

Take it and run. Groundwork has stayed on-brand because we set the foundation of their brand’s identity in the brand guideline. Since we handed the brand over, Groundwork sourced a local Guatamelan illustrator to bring the brand to life through the company’s educational and marketing material. They use the symbol and pattern we designed as a motif and they even replaced the black & white circles within a ying-yang with the brand’s radiating “g.”

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