We imagined NYC as a curvy cartoon to stand out in the rectangular real estate industry

Graphic Design
In Creative Company illustrated, animated, and produced two New York neighborhoods as cartoon murals, totes, lobby screens, and more for RXR Realty's marketing efforts.

RXR Realty is a leading real estate owner, investor, operator and developer headquartered in New York City. They are committed to building socially, economically and environmentally responsible communities.

“Doing Good and Doing Well Means Doing Better”
—Scott Rechler, Chairman & CEO

The Co-work lead by Yelle Belle (Creative Director, NYC) and executed by Hilary Campbell (Cartoonist • NYC), Samantha Silverman (Illustrator • NYC), Arielle Cohen (Production • Los Angeles)

We consistently work with RXR’s marketing team to bring their building’s brands to life.

We have combined Yelle’s decade of expertise & experience in real estate marketing with innate creativity. Our work ranges from website design to presentation design; Illustrator line art to painted mural art.

Map Murals & More

New Yorker style illustrations. RXR reached out to us so we could think more creatively about commercial real estate building’s neighborhood maps. They were looking for a more gritty handdrawn approach to match the vibe of their converted warehouse buildings and to break the city's rigid grid. So we contracted our member Hilary, an esteemed New Yorker illustrator, to doodle New York City’s greatest landmarks surrounding Brooklyn’s The Hall building and Chelsea’s The Starrett-Lehigh building. We produced two map murals and printed them on 10-foot framed stretched canvases.

RXR loved this style so much, they had us expand on this scope. We produced a tote bag, sticker sheet, and postcard featuring key landmarks. We designed announcements for the elevator and lobby screens.

Hilary & Yelle on-site inn front of their 10-foot map mural
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Welcoming ‘the new normal’ into the workplace. Aftter a year at home during the pandemic, RXR was ready for their office tenants to return to upgraded amenities, art, and food offerings. To announce this, they contracted us to storyboard, illustrate, and animate advertisements for the lobby’s LED screens. The goal was to garner excitement and joy through a playful and light design.

Animation for LED lobby screen


Bridges, distinct people, and noteworthy buildings make up our New York City neighorhoods.

“Working with Yelle was such a delight! I was so excited to tackle this project with a great
group of women. It was something I would have never thought of on my own and felt so
amazing to see my art come to life on such a large scale. ”
— Hilary, Cartoons by Hilary & The New Yorker
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