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In Creative Company led a successful brand strategy with in-depth market research. After the brand strategy, a beautiful new visual identity was crafted for these female powerhouses to look their best on all digital platforms.

The Scala Network team approached In Creative Company with a need for a rebrand. The Scala Network logo was several years old since their initial launch and they knew that a rebrand was needed. Scala Network was grown out of their original branding and with that growth they needed a refreshed look that matched what their current offerings are. In Creative Company took on the challenge by executing a comprehensive brand strategy with market research and competitive analysis. Through these insights a refreshed and modern Scala Network immerged.

The Co-Work was lead by Drea DeMarchi (Creative Director • Jersey City) and executed by Isa Crosta (Graphic Designer • Argentina)

Scala Network believes in inspiring leaders to reach their potential. That’s been our aim since 2010, when Christina launched innovative training programs for women that combine practical skills development with inspirational mentors and networking opportunities. That last part is key.





Scala Network has two categories with unique offerings. In Creative Company crafted separate identities for each offering that can stand on their own or be grouped together as a whole. The Scala Network offerings were explored with new taglines that were created during the Scala Network brand strategy session. The branding offered a strong foundation that allowed their web designer to create a website that completely follows the guidelines and unites all of the Scala Network attributes.

Drea is a great art director. Not only she can create great concepts, but is also great at understanding the client and sharing their ideas with me. She is a great professional and a beautiful person, it's been great working with her.
— Isa Crosta, Graphic Designer | Editorial Designer
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