We designed and developed an inspiring
memorable, timeless sewing marketplace brand

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
In Creative Company strategized
and refreshed the brand identity
and website for Sew Vintagely so that customers could feel a stronger presence and navigate the shop’s many categories with ease.

Sew Vintagely is more than an online sewing shop. With 40+years of experience in the craft, it is here to modernize the shopping experience for customers who value quality materials and hard-to-find sewing supplies. Sew Vintagely connects global sewing enthusiasts with their creativity and their fondest memories by preserving the charm of timeless sewing.

Note: things may be different than how we left it.

The Co-work was lead by Yelle Belle (Creative Director • NYC), executed by Ozi Hidalgo-Balarezo (Creative Director & Web Developer • NYC), Martha Christina Garza (Brand Strategist • NYC), Isa Crosta (Graphic Designer • Argentina), Chadvee Appanah (Copywriter • Nomadic)


The founder started her company a year before coming to us. It was called Wren Historical, yet her favorite bird was not a wren, and blue was not her favorite color. The founder designed and redesigned her brand identity and website many times before reaching out to In Creative Company. After many years, she realized Sew Vintagely established its footing in the industry and was ready for a team to rebrand it. When the website was turned over to us, the old logo was not even showing and the site was glitching every time an edit was attempted. Our rebrand solved the visual and technical issues

Comparison of the brand & website

Brand Strategy

Set up for success. In this first phase, we discovered the direction and uniqueness of Sew Vintagely through a 6-hour workshop. Then, will built a40-page brand strategy deck that set the foundation for the brand and for our project engagement.

We uncovered the heart of the brand's foundation, the soul of the brand's personality, and the mind of the brand's positioning. We identified the key brand elements like the Mission, Vision, Taglines, and Unique Value Proposition to elevate & differentiate the brand. The founder got more than a pretty presence after took a deep dive into the story behind her new brand identity and executed with clarity and focus.

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Brand Identity

Designed for love & longevity. Next, we defined the brand identity based on the Brand Strategy deck. We designed mood boards then reviewed them with Sew Vintagely’s founder to set a design direction. In the form of a Brand Guideline, we formalized the company's aesthetic by designing a hand-drawn dynamic logo set for adaptable use across platforms.

Based on the look and feel of the dynamic logo set, we built out the company's 3-page brand guideline, which provided clear-cut rules for how the logo, its colors, and its applications are represented to the audience through consistency






Reskin and solve problems. Inspired by the company's unique personality, brand voice, and target audience discovered in the brand strategy deck, we wrote the copy for the website. Following the brand guidelines, we re-envisioned the site’s visual identity and reskinned a few main pages in Wordpress. The founder wanted navigation through her hundreds of products to be easier so we developed a mega menu.

Website’s refreshed mega menu
“Loved working with In Creative Company! Their professionalism is top notch. They were able to channel the spirit of my business Sew Vintagely and create my brand identity with a fantastic new logo and unique web copy that speaks to my customers.”
— Sherrie Cork, Founder of Sew Vintagely
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