We threaded the theme of kindness throughout the brand for a historical sewing education platform.

Website Design
Brand Strategy
Graphic Design
Brand Identity
In Creative Company refreshed Sewistorical by naming it, branding it, and giving it a heartfelt digital identity the founder could run with across her marketing efforts.

Sewistorical is more than sewing education. It is a movement of grace, compassion, and accessible information for a new generation of confident creatives. Kelly Mann, founder of Sewistorical and fashion historian, guides and supports students as they pursue their audacious goals of making an accurate, authentic costume from scratch.

Note: things may be different than how we left it.

The Co-work was lead by Yelle Belle (Creative Director, NYC) and executed by Martha Christina Garza (Brand Strategist • NYC), Isa Crosta (Graphic Designer • Argentina), Ruchi Thukral (Art Director • San Francisco), Chadvee Appanah (Copywriter • Nomadic), Katherine Myles (Template Designer • Phoenix), Mariah Marasco (Video Editor • NYC)


The founder started her company a year before coming to us. It was called Wren Historical, yet her favorite bird was not a wren, and blue was not her favorite color.

Comparison of the brand & website

Brand Strategy

Set up for success. In this first phase, we discovered the direction and uniqueness of Sewistorical (formerly Wren Historical) through a 6-hour workshop. Then, we built a 20-page brand strategy deck that set the foundation for the brand and for our project engagement.

We uncovered the heart of the brand's foundation, the soul of the brand's personality, and the mind of the brand's positioning. We identified the key brand elements like the Mission, Vision, Taglines, and Unique Value Proposition to elevate & differentiate the brand. The founder got more than a pretty presence after taking a deep dive into the story behind her new brand identity and executed with clarity and focus.

Brand Identity

Designed for love & longevity. Next, we defined the brand identity based on the Brand Strategy deck. We designed mood boards then reviewed them with Sewistorical’s founder to set a design direction. In the form of a Brand Guideline, we formalized the company's aesthetic by designing a hand-drawn dynamic logo set for adaptable use across platforms.

Based on the look and feel of the dynamic logo set, we built out the company's 2-page brand guideline, which provided clear-cut rules for how the logo, its colors, and its applications are represented to the audience through consistency.






Writing copy & code. Inspired by the company's unique personality, brand voice, and target audience discovered in the brand strategy deck, we wrote the copy for the website. Following the brand guidelines, we re-envisioned the company's site fllow and laid out the design, then coded it into the Kajabi website course platform.

Branded Kajabi course assets


Templated for consistency. We went beyond the website by designing marketing assets and templates to cover all of Sewistorical’s marketingplatforms. This included Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and email banners, Instagram templates, and layouts for downloadable freebies. We also created a fun quiz that captured emails for lead generation.


Directing, editing, and animating. The founder of Sewistorical is far from camera shy so we directed her to welcome her audience onto her website with a video, which helps cut down on the amount of text on the home page. Our team also edited a tutorial video to create a concise natural storyline. We animated the logo so that needle was threading as the intro and outro.

Direction for home page video
Editing for tutorial video.
“Yelle and her team provide exceptional graphic design and creative services. Her integrated approach allows for the best collaboration and the project communication is excellent. I am sopleased with the results of my project and highly recommend Yelle!”
— Kelly Mann, Founder of Sewistorical
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