We set this website project in stone, digitally,
& brought this older artist's work into the modern day.

Website Design
In Creative Company archived Todd Stone’s paintings, designed & developed his website, and integrated a virtual gallery tour.

Todd Stone has been painting the Downtown skyline view of the World Trade Center from his Tribeca studio window since 1980. After years of painting the emptied skies over his Tribeca studio at the fringe of the Ground Zero site, Stone was invited inside. He has been an artist in residence at the WTC for over ten years with a series of sky studios in its rebuilt towers to paint the view below and the city beyond.

Note, things may be different than how we left it.

The Co-work was lead by Arielle Cohen (Creative Director • Los Angeles) and executed by Ozi Hidalgo (Web Strategist • NYC), Náyade Bermúdez Brito (Web Developer • Barcelona), Tom Morford (SEO Strategist • NJ)

Web Refresh

The downtown skyline had changed since the collapse of the twin towers and Todd Stone has captured this newness through his paintings. To show the change, it was time for a website refresh. His artworks were collecting digital dust on his dark dated website so he contracted us to redo it in order to display his artworks and art store in a more modern way.

Comparison of the website

Web Integration

One neat feature of Todd Stone’s new website is the integration with a virtual art gallery tour provided by eazel.

Click to watch the tour on Eazel.


Todd Stone’s website is designed to share his story as an artist, show off his gallery of work and the studio he produces it in, and to sell his pieces. We worked with our SEO Specialist to make sure people could easily find this noteworthy site through search engines like Google.

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