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Jenny A La Mode hired us to create an attractive, easy-to-use website that effectively showcases their work. We were able to showcase her style and personality while improving the user experience and optimizing how her portfolio is displayed.

Jenny A La Mode is not just a brand. It’s a vibe that empowers women who are into fashion, beauty, wellness and who own their style and vibe. Jenny is a go-to artist who creates gorgeous visuals that dazzle and delight, as well as a creative partner who can take an idea and run with it.

The Co-work was led by Drea DeMarchi (Project Manager, Strategy, Copywriting • NYC), Naomi Chan (Website Design, Website Development • Seattle)

The Challenge

Jenny A La Mode is an illustrator who struggled to attract leads and clients due to a variety of factors on their website. These include poor user experience leading to high bounce rates, ineffective portfolio display due to subpar design or slow load times, and a lack of professionalism reflected by the website’s design. The increasing prevalence of mobile web browsing also means that mobile unfriendliness led to significant client loss.

The Solution

Our solution for Jenny A La Mode is a comprehensive website redesign that covered strategy, copywriting, design, and development.

The Results

Jenny A La Mode's website result has the following improvements:

1. Improved User Experience: Jenny A La Mode's website is now more intuitive and easy to navigate. The user experience is enhanced, reducing bounce rates and encouraging potential clients to explore the site further on desktop or mobile.

2. Optimized Portfolio Display: Jenny A La Mode's work is showcased effectively and loads quickly to make a strong impression on potential clients.

3. Enhanced Professionalism: The website is sleek and well-designed with on brand copywriting conveying professionalism and credibility, making a positive first impression on visitors.

4. Clear Calls-to-Action: The website guides visitors towards desired actions, such as contacting Jenny A La Mode or booking a consultation, helping convert leads into clients.To implement these solutions on your website redesign, consider working with In Creative Co. We can ensure your site is not only attractive and easy to use, but also effective in showcasing your work and attracting new clients..

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