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Member spotlights are our way of giving our members a chance to share their expertise with the world.
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Alejandra Velez

Alejandra is a motion designer + animator skilled at helping companies tell their stories by creating visually stunning animations and videos.

Irene Fernández

Irene is a Brooklyn-based and Puerto Rico-made multidisciplinary creative professional skilled in Art Direction, Integrated Design, Branding, Experiential Design, and Illustration.

Isa Crosta

Isa Crosta is a seasoned graphic designer specializing in font design, branding, editorial projects, and custom lettering.

Michele Berdinis

Michele has been practicing trademark law for 25 years. She’s the Founder and President of Beeline Legal: their engaging approach helps clients understand what they need and what they'll get.

Audrey Tappan

A seasoned creative and branding photographer from NYC. From colorful photos to animations and graphic design, Audrey brings playfulness into her work like no other.

Rose Albanese

Rose Albanese is a Brooklyn based brand strategist guided by an investigative approach to bold brand ideations who recently concluded her studies at The School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Danni Friedman

Daniela Friedman is a New York City based architect who is the co-founder of her own studio, Sindrome Studio and currently works at WXY Studio as an urban designer.

Danielle Wallis

Danielle Wallis is a cosmic visionary, stylist and art director from the Bay Area, California.

Kassandra Jones

Kassandra Jones is a Digital Media Strategist and Video Producer who works with social & content strategy.

Yelle Belle

Yelle Belle is a co-founder of In Creative Company, who helps clients reach their sustainability goals through graphic design and creativity.

Eve Kat

Eve Kat is a Graphic and Visual Arts Creator who is a sound healer in the healing space.

Drea DeMarchi

Co-founder of In Creative Company
“You’ve got to just start.”

Arielle Cohen

Founder of Bodega Bunnies
"The hardest decision... Ending a profitable contract?"

Ozi Hidalgo

Creator of Oh, Design Space
“Follow your visions, trust your intuition, they are the real you."

Yelle Belle

Co-founder of In Creative Company
"Being led on by a boss and making the best of it."

Katriana Zommers

Katriana Zommers is a full-service social media marketer who prioritizes relationships over revenue.

Laurel A. Carpenter

Laurel Carpenter co-founded Pearl Consulting NYC, writing company blogs and website copy and other marketing tasks.

Shay Charles

Shay Charles is an award-winning brand designer and strategist, with a background in architecture, industrial design, and fashion.

Danielle Hughes

Danielle Hughes is a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator, sharing her knowledge about the importance of creating your own Genuine Personality Brand.

Audrey Tappan

Audrey Tappan is a professional photographer working in New York who works with a strong vision, passion, and truth.

Elaine Gazzard

Experience the essence of EGEAU, a hand-crafted sustainable soap produced by Eliane Gazzard. Be inspired by Eliane's love for fragrances and the human connection to nature.

Mackenzie Barth

Connect with Mackenzie Barth, Co-founder of Groundwork with Neil Haggerty. Groundwork's permaculture education platform teaches people the skills that they need to learn to live more ecologically oriented lives.

Rachelle McCoy

A creative market strategist and manager based in Indiana who helps lead small businesses to success, mainly powerhouse womxn. She is the creative director of creative studio Cultivée, founded as part of her vision to bring forth other peoples’ visions into reality.

Katherine Myles

A freelance social media manager and an inspirational dance instructor based in Arizona. With a BA in strategic communications, she is known for her creative communication and design skills.

Laurel Carpenter

Professional copywriter who is the president and co-founder of Pearl Consulting NYC: she and her partner Charles specialize in brand messaging and written content, with decades of experience.

Hilary Campbell

New York based freelance illustrator and cartoon lover who has published several popular books like ‘Feminist Fight Club’ and award-winning short films across the country.

Arielle Cohen

Passionate leader, founder of Bodega Bunnies, and a career business professional in creative services and visual communications. She has a background in the Fine Arts with over a decade of experience.

Audrey Tappan

A creative freelance fashion and branding photographer based in NYC who isn’t one to shy away from bringing color and movement to the table to elevate her client’s brand to the next level.

Rachel Ott

Award-winning Toronto-based graphic designer who specializes in logo design, branding, and more. She is the founder of Varga Girl Design and has over 20 years of experience in finding others’ visual identities.

Elijah Crafter

Transgender professional graphic designer with a double degree in psychology, women’s gender and sexuality studies, and proficiency in Adobe Suite. As a self-taught artist, he creates and expresses himself through hidden messages in his traditional artworks that represent his culture and creative spirit.

Latoya Ramos

Learn from Latoya Ramos, founder of Pluvrichor, which is a sustainability strategy and brand strategy studio focused on sustainability communications.

Evan Landau

Be inspired by industrial designer, Evan Landau's purpose-driven projects in the field of sustainability using the Double Diamond methodology of design.

Danielle Hughes

Rockstar professional copywriter from Long Island that knows how to put words to marketing! With a captivating smile and words wielded like magic, Danielle has been able to use peoples' personalities and bring them to the forefront of their brands.